Publisher:: David A. Miller

Editor:: Patti Day-Miller

Sales Associates:: Lisa Beebe

Graphic Design:: Mary Younie

What is 101 Things To Do?

  • A very successful visitor publication, 101 Things To Do Magazine publishes and annually distributes in prime locations throughout Butte county.
  • 101 Things To Do also operates a travel related web site where consumers can read about 101 things to do while visiting or residing in the communities of Butte County California.

Magazine Circulation

50,000 magazines are printed annually and distributed to more than 250 locations in and around Chico, Gridley, Paradise, Oroville and the Sierra Nevada Foothill communities. Distribution includes airports, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, visitor attractions.

Editorial Philosophy

The success of 101 Things To Do is credited to the combination of an appealing title and the value of the editorial content. That combination makes 101 Things To Do unique, and whether visitors have come to Butte county for the first time or are repeat visitors, 101 Things To Do serves as a valuable resource in navigating the many attractions and opportunities for recreation. The broad reach of the magazine caters to the post-arrival visitor and offers an effective medium for businesses who want to reach this targeted audience through active distribution.

The Web site, offers in-depth information about specific destinations, itineraries for visitors with targeted agendas.


ONE-STOP VACATION PLANNING – 101 Things To Do is committed to providing visitors with quality travel resources, compelling editorial and a broad view of the many attractions to be discovered in butte county. 101 Things To Do’s print and online services create a one-stop shop for innovative and valuable vacation planning.

COMPELLING CONTENT – A primary reason for this magazine’s success is the in-depth content featured in its pages and on the Website. With this detailed information, readers can learn about and arrange to do or see at least 101 distinctive things on each island.

VALUE TO THE ADVERTISER – 101 Things To Do Magazine offers very competitive advertising rates. Premium online advertising can also be packaged with print advertising for even better results.

COMPREHENSIVE DISTRIBUTION – 101 Things To Do publishes over 50,000. Magazines are distributed free of charge in high traffic areas, including airports, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, key attractions, visitor centers, museums, art galleries, Chambers of Commerce. 101 Things To Do also mails magazines from requests received through the 101 Things To Do Web site or by phone.

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