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Founded in the 1840s at the beginning of the California Gold Rush, Oroville is rich in history ready to be rediscovered. A picturesque and prosperous community, Oroville blends small-town charm with a diverse business economy.
Chico’s downtown is a thriving area for unique, independent retail shops and restaurants. City Plaza hosts free concerts regularly during the summer. Performance venues large and small, bars, coffee shops, bookstores and city offices contribute to a lively and flavorful experience.
Gridley, charming small town atmosphere with large city entertainment. The friendliness of it’s people, cultural & recreational resources make it an exceptional place to visit. Come learn about Silk Stocking Row…
You will move along the valley floor through orchards and past roadside fruit stands. As you near Paradise, you will climb from the valley floor, past the oaks and into the pines. The contrast is breathtaking, welcome to Paradise.
Butte County is located in the Sacramento Valley and rests against the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lay back on a sun-warmed expanse of gray, quartz-sparkled granite and gaze out into a universe of green pines and blue sky.

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